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Our mission is to provide our Western Pennsylvania clients and principals with exemplary service, a higher level of skill and experience, and guidance in maximizing real estate asset values. Our goal is to be the real estate brokerage of choice – a goal we attain through our customers and agents. Our customers define the standard of quality and service and their loyalty must be earned and protected. We value the relationships that we have built and look forward to our continued growth and success with future clients!! 

In this ever changing real estate market we embrace the challenge of meeting consumer needs.  If you are a Seller on the brink of Foreclosure, take some time to review the alternatives at our Short Sale Page.  Traditional Sellers looking for home value information or refinance rates, we have sources for sound decision making.  For the Investor or Traditional Buyer client, our resources for Bank Foreclosures, New Construction, Land,  and Buying Options deliver comprehensive up-to-date data on the most recent opportunities and cutting-edge buying techniques. 



In the news.

Pittsburgh Business News - Local Pittsburgh News | The Pittsburgh Business Times

A shipment of 45,000 cans of Budweiser arrived in Colorado Springs last week after traveling more than 120 miles in a truck with no driver at the wheel. The delivery was the first real-world commercial use of autonomous trucking, Reuters reports. Otto, the self-driving truck subsidiary of Uber, shipped the Budweiser from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Colorado Springs. A driver monitored the truck's two-hour trip the sleeping berth in the vehicle. The only time the driver took the wheel was when to…

10/25/2016 7:18:11 AM

EQT Corp. will pay a total of $683 million in two separate transactions to add about 60,000 acres of natural gas holdings in its target area in the Marcellus Shale, deals that will include a merger with one of the companies. EQT (NYSE: EQT) announced Tuesday it would pay $513 million to Trans Energy Inc. (OTCBB: TENG) and its joint venture partner Republic Energy for 42,600 acres and 42 million cubic feet per day of natural gas production in West Virginia as well as a tender offer worth $3.58 a…

10/25/2016 7:15:34 AM

Koppers Inc. announced a contract extension with Norfolk Southern, one of its biggest customers in the railroad industry. The Pittsburgh-based manufacturer said the deal, which was previously to expire in 2016, would be extended to 2021. Koppers (NYSE: KOP) said Norfolk Southern revenue was about 10 percent of Koppers' railroad-related revenue in 2015, and it's one of the company's four largest railroad clients. Koppers makes treated wood products that are used in railroad products like crossties,…

10/25/2016 6:36:50 AM

Allegheny Technologies Inc. announced Tuesday that it would permanently close two plants, one in Beaver County and the other in Armstrong County, that had been idled early this year. ATI (NYSE: ATI) idled the Midland plant in January and the Bagdad plant in April. At least 259 employees of the Midland plant, a stainless steel melting and sheet finishing facility, were laid off when it was idled. It wasn't immediately clear how many employees were employed at the Bagdad facility, which finishes grain-oriented…

10/25/2016 6:30:51 AM

The Peters Township Council will pay $5.5 million to buy about half of the former Rolling Hills Country Club. The Observer-Reporter said the deal for 90 acres is likely to close Nov. 4 and the township has also approved a property survey and an inspection of the clubhouse.

10/25/2016 6:02:44 AM

Here are five things for the Pittsburgh business community to know today, while you're celebrating the 15th anniversary of the original iPod. Gateway Health, Wellbridge Health in partnership Pittsburgh-based Gateway Health announced Monday a partnership with Wellbridge Health to help bring digital tools to Medicare and Medicaid plan members of Gateway Health. It will include iPhones and monitoring devices for Gateway Health members that will send data from members to Wellbridge for monitoring for…

10/25/2016 5:58:05 AM

The Commonwealth Financing Authority announced $14 million in loans to three redevelopment projects in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. The biggest amount of money went to the RIDC Regional Growth Fund, $8 million to help demolish and renovate portions of the former Sony plant in East Huntington Township, Westmoreland County. The Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania also received a $5 million loan to help convert the Keystone Commons in East Pittsburgh Borough…

10/24/2016 3:12:21 PM

After a recent growth spurt in the number of natural gas rigs in Appalachia, oilfield services giant Baker Hughes reported no change in the week-to-week tally. As of Friday, there were 25 natural gas rigs in Pennsylvania, up one from the beginning of the month. There were 10 in West Virginia, up one from the beginning of October. And there were 14 in Ohio, the same all month. There are 553 natural gas and oil rigs in the U.S., up 14 from a week ago although down 234 from the same time last year.

10/24/2016 10:23:20 AM

Pittsburgh’s seventh-largest credit union just got bigger. Chrome Federal Credit Union, based in Washington, Pa., has merged with Pittsburgh Central Federal Credit Union. “It’s given us a really nice location and awesome staffers,” said Chrome President and CEO Christopher George. “We’ve retained everyone.” That adds a Wexford location, bringing Chrome into Allegheny County, plus 10 employees. Pittsburgh Central’s CEO, Patty Morrissey, is now Chrome’s CFO. As of June 30, Pittsburgh…

10/24/2016 10:21:52 AM

Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE: PG) on Monday revealed a new commercial for its Swiffer sweeper and other cleaning brands that stars a dancing Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. “Dancing while cleaning has long been a universal consumer behavior, so we thought it would be fun to reward our most creative shoppers that tackle cleaning in style,” said Eric Rose, P&G brand manager. “With holidays right around the corner, we know shoppers are stocking up on products to keep their homes…

10/24/2016 9:47:12 AM